Finishing the Felted Scarf Using Bubble Wrap ...

final felting fulling one fulling two

Fulling is the final stage of the felting process and may be done in two ways:

(1) take the felted scarf and throw it onto the work surface over and over (this is fun, but may not give the desired effect?)

(2) lay out the scarf and fold it onto itself and gently rub the surface of the wool onto itself ... this makes the scarf somewhat "fuzzy".

After you are finished with the fulling, rinse the scarf one last time in cold water.

cutting fringe cutting fringe felting fringe

You can leave the scarf with a square end, or you can cut "self-fringes". Do this while it is still quite wet.
Cut the end of the scarf up about 6 inches X about 3/8ths of an inch for each fringe.
Be sure to cut the same number of fringes on both ends of the scarf.

Place the fringe back onto the bubble wrap and gently roll each fringe back and forth until it felts into a smooth, rolled, surface.

Place the finished scarf completely flat on a towel to dry.

finished scarves

Finished scarves

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