Here's a needle felting project that makes use of those felt scraps you can't seem to throw away ...

You will need some bits of felt that measure about 6 inches X 7 inches, and smaller. A felting needle and a square of foam rubber to work on. (see basic needle felting instruction page if you haven't done any needle felting before) Also beads for beading the flower (if desired) and a pin clasp to sew on the back of the finished flower.

flower shapes

Using pattern on left cut out the first flower petal shape from your felted scrap. Using pattern on right cut out the smaller, second flower petal shape.

felt flower cutouts

Begin by turning or gently twisting one of the petals of the larger flower shape, then needle felt it into place. Arrange another petal and needle felt it into place.

needle felting the petals
needle felting the back

Turn over and needle felt on the back side to be sure it is well attached. When ever you turn the flower over and work on the back side, it will flatten the front side. Simply lift and re-needle the petals from the front to get the three dimensional arrangement back in place.

joining petals joining petals

With the felting needle, attach the two petal shapes together in the center. Arrange the petals in an offset pattern, needle felting as much of them together as possible. Cut a few more individual petals, or leaves of various sizes and shapes. Needle felt these in place as needed to give the flower more dimension.

Turn over the flower often and work from the back to be sure the petals and leaves are attached. (The petals added to this flower have a white felt back so they may be easily seen)

needle felting extra petals
adding a center

Cut a small roundish center and needle into the center of the flower.

For additional arrangement, wet the flower with hot water and liquid soap. Gently crush the flower in your hands a few times, working the soapy water through the felt. It will be on the fragile side when wet, so be careful not to overdo the squishing or crushing.

Rinse/soak with cold water until soap is removed. Do a final crushing to remove water. Roll gently in a towel.

wet felting
flowers drying

Arrange the flower petals in a three dimensional array, and allow to dry.

Beads may be sewn on as additional decoration.

Sew the pin clasp onto the back of the flower.
finishing the flower felted flower pins

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