News Letter: Spring - Summer 2007

Spring Lambs, & Lots of Rams ...

new lambs

New March Lambs

We began lambing mid-March, as the snow continued, and then became spring rains. The rain was much more beneficial, as for the most part the heavy winter snows fell on deep frozen ground and did little good. The snow did help fill the area reservoirs, but we are not the recipients of those waters.

Things were looking good!

a little extra

Keith & Christopher give a little extra help to a lamb

Lambing went fairly well. We continue to have more ram lambs than we would like, but this Spring the numbers were evenly split.

yearling rams

These are some of the yearling ram lambs from last Spring. They will have a growth spurt and become "real" rams this summer. The Bonds are slow to grow the first year, but double in size the second year. We have a good selection of lamb, yearling, and two-year-old rams for sale, as well as ewes. Please write for more photos and bloodline charts.

our 3 main rams

Here are our three main rams: Starbuck, Carter, and Nimbus.
(Carter's fleece was the Supreme Champion Over All at the Colorado State Fair last Fall ... you can see that, yes?)

The rains in the Spring did produce some grasses, until Mother Nature remembered to return us to desert again. More record hot days (above 90 and often above 100) and of course, dry. Oops ... I've gone there again ... the "D" word.

If you find yourself nearby, stop in and see the sheep! We have many beautiful Bonds that would like to travel to other farms, where it rains and the pastures grow!

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