News Letter: Summer 2005

Hummingbirds & Soumak Tapestries ...


The thought comes to mind that maybe I should spend a bit of time focused on some good and pleasant things that have happened this past summer and let go the drought coverage for now.

No matter the state of the farm, the hummingbirds do show up the last part of March demanding food, in exchange for a bit of low key entertainment. When the wisteria did finally bloom (but not in abundance) there was considerable fighting over those few wonderful blooms.


This one called "Mr. Peacock in the Library" is one that I did especially for this show.


This is one I did some years ago, but it hasn't ever been seen, called "Ever Expanding Universe".

I myself have spent the greater part of the summer getting ready for the showing of my tapestries at NCAR in Boulder. NCAR is the National Center for Atmospheric Research. It was seen extensively in that old Wood Allen flick where he was frozen and defrosted in the future ... where chocolate cake was seen as the perfect food.
This showing is more a big thing for just me as its the first time so much of my tapestry work can be seen all together ... 20 pieces in all.

beaded box

In the process of getting the tapestries ready to hang, I have become proficient at framing. Not a job I like so much, but a necessity at times. The final act of getting them all up on the walls at the NCAR gallery was quite an accomplishment in itself.

This little beaded Soumak tapestry box is something I made just for my own amusement. Its a fine thing to see the flock's wool worked up into so many different pieces. It has always been a pleasure to work with wool grown by our own sheep!

Come by and see the tapestry show at NCAR! It will be in place until the end of October.
Joanna & Keith

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