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Please e-mail your questions about fleeces, wool, sheep, or our other items, payment and shipping to Joanna & Keith Gleason at or call 303.823.0837

Payment can be made by sending your check to
1553 Stagecoach Trail, Lyons, Colorado 80540.

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All of our roving is suitable for hand spinning or felting and is ready for dyeing or over-dyeing.

  • White Bond roving - spinning count 58s - 62s: $26 per Half pound + shipping.
  • Champagne (light beige) Bond roving - spinning count 58s: $26 per Half pound + shipping.
  • Medium Brown Bond roving - spinning count 58s: $26 per Half pound + shipping.
  • Chocolate Brown Bond Top - spinning count 58s: $33 per Half pound + shipping.

  • Medium Silver Bond roving - spinning count 58s: $26 per Half pound + shipping.

    * Please note: roving and top have been shipped out and back to the processor, then washed and carded by the processor. The cost of roving reflects this, plus the "shrink" or loss of weight to lanolin and dust in washing and carding (approximately 65% to 75% yield of clean wool ... this means that a 10 pound grease fleece will yield on average 6 to 8 pounds of clean wool).
    When you buy one pound of roving it is not the same thing as buying one pound of raw, grease fleece. Consider that the time you spend washing and carding the wool does have a monetary value.

  • All of our fleeces are covered/coated year round and are well skirted (heads, necks, legs, docks, and bellies are removed). We usually sell the whole fleece which will include shoulders, sides, back and flank wool. We have fleeces available in white, greys, black and varying shades of brown. They range in grade from 54s to 62s.

  • Tips to Enhance Your Wool Buying Experience:
    To order a fleece that will most likely make you happy, please answer the following questions as best you can:
    (1) How many pounds of grease fleece do you need?
    (2) Is colour important? say what your colour preference is?
    (3) Is grade of fleece important? If you don't understand wool grades, please read over our page at Blood Count, Spinning Count, & Micron Grading
    (4) Is staple length of importance? Please say what your preferred range may be?
    (5) If you would like to see staple/lock samples, please be specific in your request, by limiting your request to three samples
    (6) If time is of the essence, please consider a roving purchase.

    By saying these preferences, I will be more likely to be able to match you with a suitable fleece, or say that we don't currently have one available, or refer you to another sheep breeder.

  • Here is a bit about a black fleece comparision study.

Purebred Bond fleeces: $30 per pound (whole fleece)
(We tend not to sell one pound of fleece at a time)

The following table is a list of Bond fleeces currently available.
The list is arranged with the lightest coloured fleeces at the top of the list, and the very darkest fleeces are at the bottom.
Please check back from time to time as more fleeces are skirted.
I will split the larger fleeces in half from front to back, meaning that you would get 1/2 the shoulder, back, and flank wool from that fleece.

An unexpected thing has happened here on the farm. For many years we have used the same type of ear tags for the sheep.
Each sheep has an individual, unique name and ear tag number. Apparently over time, with very cold winters and very hot summers … the ear tags have shattered. Sometimes, many at a time.
When shearing comes, we replace ear tags that have broken. Sadly, I can not identify some of the sheep. Over time, their colour goes lighter, and the grade may also change. When I look at them, there is a mob of faces, with varying shades of brown, silver, and white wools. When there as many as 6 little sheep with no ear tags, all shades of brown wool, I can’t be sure who is who.
The result is your favorite sheep is there, but I can no longer tell which one it may be.
So, on the chart you will see ear tag numbers. For the most part, these are the older animals that have lost their ear tags.
I am very sorry about this. For myself most of all. I knew them by their names and faces, but time and broken tags have made this impossible.


Spinning Count
Staple Length
Aubrey - Bond RamWhite58s5 inch3.6 pounds$108
Castor - Bond RamWhite56s-58s5 inch3.4 pounds$102
Castor - Bond RamWhite56s-58s5 inch3.9 pounds$117
Nilsson - Bond RamWhite58s5 inch2.3 pounds$69
003 - Bond EweBeige58s4.5 inch3.6 pounds$108
Somemores - Bond EweBeige56s4 inch3 pounds$90
Somemores - Bond EweBeige56s4 inch3.5 pounds$105
001 - Bond EweLight Brown56s4.5 inch6.2 pounds$186
Soar - Bond EweMedium Brown56s-58s4 inch5.2 pounds$156
713 - Bond EweMilk Chocolate60s4 inch5.4 pounds$162
Potter - Bond RamChocolate58s5 inch3.1 pounds$93
Potter - Bond RamDark Chocolate58s5 inch3.2 pounds$96
Unca - Bond RamChocolate58s5 inch3.5 pounds$105
Unca - Bond RamChocolate58s5 inch3.7 pounds$111
Shaun The Sheep - Bond RamChocolate56s5 inch3.6 pounds$108

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