And What is a Wool Wizard?

His magic wand is a drop spindle and he is never without his magic coloured sheep. These magic sheep can be spun directly into yarn and then magically the yarn becomes something woven or crocheted. Why doesn't he just wave his magic spindle and poof! the wool piece is just created? There's something to be said for the process of making and the Wool Wizard knows this!

The Wizards are made from wool from our flock of Corriedales and Australian Bonds. His kilt, hat, cape or tunic and all of his woolie creations are hand dyed, hand spun, hand felted, hand woven, or hand crocheted.

This is a mad hatter wizard. He spins yarn from his magic sheep and crochets hats!

A wizard at making hats

He is a plying wizard, but he needs two magic coloured sheep to spin a two ply yarn.

The plying wizard

The weaving wizard is working a Soumak tapestry and wearing a cape of wool.

The weaving wizard

The wizards stand about 22 inches tall and are about 7 inches in diameter. They are $350.00 plus shipping. If you have any questions you can e-mail them to Joanna & Keith Gleason at

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