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Home of Beautiful Black, Grey, Spotted, Moorit, and White Australian Bond Sheep

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Welcome to the ranch here outside Lyons, Colorado. We have Australian Bond Sheep, lots of wool and all sorts of wool products. We sell white, black, grey, spotted and moorit pure bred Bond breeding stock.

To read more about our moorit Australian Bond sheep read the Spring: 2000 letter. There is also an article in the archive of Hand Spinners, the Art of Fibers

These are the "pages" of information on our website. Each covers a separate topic of great interest to us. We hope you will find this information to be of use to you, as you learn more about sheep and wool.
Here you will also find covered fleeces, processed roving, original handfelted stuffed animals, handspun yarns, and handspun, handwoven Soumak tapestries.

The sheep can now also be found on "Ravelry" in their group known as "GFWsheep"

~~~ All About Our Sheep and Farm ~~~

Registration of Bond Sheep in the USA

These are some of the lambs born in 2003.

Photos of some of the flock: ewes and rams "outstanding in their fields".

Here is our current farm news letter. This is our Spring & Summer, 2010 edition.

Here is the archive of past farm news letters.

~~~ Here are Some of the Woolie Things We Make ~~~

This is a quick look at the woolie products, fleeces, and sheep we have to offer. *NEW! Felted Ornaments

Shearing day on the farm. Here are images, and current wool and roving prices.
Here are also customer's comments & projects pages

A *NEW* offering: wet felted and needle felted ornaments ... Cats, Bats, Fish, Pandas, Sheep, Sea Otter, Koalas, Dinosaurs, & Bison

Here you will find a "gallery": examples of Soumak Tapestries woven by Joanna Gleason.

~~~ Now for a Useful Bit of Information About Wool ~~~

Here is a detailed explanation of Wool Shows and Wool Judging.

Would you like to know more about the "blood count" system for grading wool?

Would you like to know how to skirt fleeces and prepare them for shipping?

How to make sheep coats is for the small flock owner who wants to "go the distance" and keep those fleeces covered.

~~~ Ways for the Beginner to Use Up Some of That Wool ~~~

A New Tutorial on skirting and identifying parts of a grease fleece

Let's wash some raw, grease fleece at home in the washing machine.

Now that we have all of that clean wool, we can do some batch dyeing in a big pot.

How to make Hand Painted rovings and yarn. A do-it-yourself project for those who can NEVER have TOO much colour!

How to do Begining Soumak Weaving A chance to try this form of finger weaving for yourself.

How to make felt for beginners & how to make a felt mousie.

Making felt balls & pincushions

One step beyond basic felting: Laying out wool for a large sheet of wool felt.
Step two: Felting the large sheet of felt
Step three: Cutting and sewing a traditional pair of booties.

One Way to Use Felting Needles ... Using Felting Needles to Apply Designs to Felt

Making a Felt Pouch with Needle Felted Design

A felting project that uses many techniques ... Making A Wool Felted Bird Ornament

A felting project that uses up those felt scraps you can't seem to throw away ...
Making A Wool Felted & Needle Felted Flower Pin

A novel way to make very thin felt, using gauze fabric and bubble wrap ...
How to Make a Thin, Wool Felted Scarf

Last but not least: How to write HTML script: for all of you intrepid would-be web designers web design from a sheep's perspective.

Here are some resources if you are seeking more information about sheep, wool, or other related topics.

If you have any questions you can e-mail them to Joanna & Keith Gleason at gfwsheep@gfwsheep.com

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